Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Trip To The Farm

Well, we had another opportunity to go to the farm today, so this time we were smart and took some pictures! For starters, here's the house. You can see the windmill in the back, on the right. Just off to the right of the house, down a gentle slope, is the pond. More on that in a minute.

Here's the back of the house:

You can also see a door off the left side and a set of steps. This is a side door off the laundry room. Just to the right of that door, near the ground, is a crawlspace. It was full of puppies when I took these pictures, and they were under there barking their little heads off at me. Trying to tell me that it's their house, I suppose! We weren't able to go inside the house this time. The owner wasn't available to meet us and the house was locked, so no interior shots from this visit.

Now then, on to the rest! Here we have the two barns. The small one with the open front will be mine and used for small livestock, gardening supplies, etc. The larger one will be Jerry's and will be primarily a garage/workshop.

And finally, the pond!

It's quite low now, but you can see how much higher it can get! Other parts of the property are not shown in these pictures. To the right of the pond, the land stretches some distance down a slope into a more heavily treed area. Also, on the back side of the house, there's a very large, flat, open area - presumably pasture. I didn't take any pictures of those areas today because (a) the camera battery was going, (b) we weren't in proper footwear so we opted not to walk those areas and (c) it's winter, so everything is sort of scrubby and sad-looking right now anyway. I can only imagine what this place looks like in mid-April, when everything is green and wildflowers are blooming!


  1. What a great place you found ! I love it. Paul will be very jealous when he sees the pictures. The pond will be really cool to have. You need geese.