Monday, August 4, 2008

You Take the Good With the Bad...

They like me! They really, really like me! Well, someone does, anyway. Rob, over at Rob's World was kind enough to present me with this fine award (my first!) and I'm most grateful.

Now, in turn, I will pass on the love! I hereby present the Brillante Weblog Award to....

1. Brenda over at Skunky Acre Farms for showing me the way, and for always meeting adversity with good humor.

2. Lewru at Wisdom of the Trowel, for always seeking out the answers and for frequent invocation of the Triple Word Score.

3. Risa at Stony Run Farm for the sheer beauty of it. Wow.

And in accordance with the, er, rules, I'll provide a few fun facts about myself:

1. In elementary school, I wrote a story about feeding radishes to a volcano in order to make it erupt. Sounded reasonable to me.

2. All of my chickens are named Phyllis.

3. Apparently I know more Christmas trivia than anyone ever should.

Thank you everyone. Thank you, thank you. {takes a bow}

What, you ask, is the bad? Replacing the water heater at 11:00 p.m. on a Sunday, because you happened to be behind the house on the east end, and heard water gushing from somewhere on the west end. Sigh.


  1. All of the chickens are named Phyllis... That is brilliant!

  2. We name in batches, too. There are the Lucys, the Amelias, the Bedelias, the ...

    But there is only one Susannah, our goose, who lets us cup her "chin" in the palm of our hand.

    Congrats on the lovely award!

  3. eCongrats, I enjoy your blog.

    Why Phyllis? LOL

    Ohh too bad about the water heater. I hate it when that stuff happens.

  4. Sweet freakin' Gussy! I mean, um, thank you for the felicitations and congratulations to you and your Phyllises (Phylli?)

  5. We don't call them real names, just silly names like "slutty chicken", or "wandering chicken". Our turkey and geese have real names though.

    They are far too mean to be eaten.

  6. My husband is responsible for naming them Phyllis. I thought it was great, so we're sticking with it. I suppose the next round will all be named Imogene or some such. The rooster is named Fenton.