Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Egg Salad and Quackers

The barnyard is now integrated! We've started letting the ducks out of the house to explore. This is only day three, so they haven't wandered very far yet. The very first day, after some mildly traumatic wing clipping, we opened the door and walked away. It took them about an hour to finally venture out. They stayed within a few feet of the house, and shuttling them back in at night was easy. On day two, they were slightly bolder, ventured a bit farther and we circled the duck house about fifteen times before I got them all back inside. They don't much care for confinement, and aren't the types to put themselves to bed the way the chickens do, so this will likely be a nightly occurrence.

This morning they were waiting for me at the door of their house, and came right out when I opened it. They haven't yet discovered the pond, but I'm already imagining what it will be like when they do. I'm already having nightmares about herding them all the way back home from the far (and largely inaccessible) side of the pond, up the hill, past the house to their ccop. That should be big fun.

In case you were wondering, the chickens are still photogenic.


  1. I wonder if there is any way to train ducks to come when you call them?

    They look good though! I bet they are happy to be out of their pen.

  2. The ducks are quite shy. They did show some interest in the food bucket though. I think I might be able to "bribe" them in. Trouble is, all the chickens will come too. ;-)

    And yes, they were quite happy to be out!

  3. That's one hot bird. :)

    (Still reading in between waves of work! Your country living sounds so pleasant...)

  4. Way back when I had ducks, they did "put themselves to bed" but it took a few weeks of coaxing them into their pen to do so. Persevere!

    Also, duck eggs are just as tasty as chicken, they're just bigger.

  5. What beautifu photography of the ducks! And they are looking much better than their arrival picts.

    We used to have ducks and enjoyed them so much. They do looove bugs (and green shoots coming up in the garden).

  6. I wonder if the ducks would be safe sleeping one the pond. I don't think anything would get them there.