Sunday, April 19, 2009


The decision was made. Action was taken. Caspian stayed, and Naomi went back to her previous owner. We need a guard dog, and the situation was far too stressful for her. There was no sign of improvement and her health was deteriorating rapidly, so in the interest of getting her well again and not causing her any more distress, we sent sweet Naomi home. She's a good girl, and we'll miss her, but we know she'll be happier this way.

So...anyone know where I can find a good doe in milk?

We'll miss you, Nae-Nae...


  1. aww that's a hard choice (yes, my candidate won!) You really may find a goat in milk at this time of the year or there will be this year's lambs, if that fails.

    It's been quite the soap to follow. Now, is the dog settling into the barn?

  2. Well, we've sort of hit the reset button and are keeping dog and kids separate for awhile longer. We're doing some periods of supervised integration until we're 100% positive that everyone is okay. By and large the kids are fine with him, though, and he can enter the barn now without making a scene.

  3. Awww, I'm glad I got to meet Naomi! I'm sorry you had to send her back. :(

  4. Sounds like you made the best decision for all. Hope you find a goat in milk soon. Maybe you can get a doe and take her kid/s too?

  5. Goat raising, dog raising is never easy. We have new 50% Alpines, but you may be looking for a working full Dairy goat.

    The hardest part of being a small farm is the losses and the failures. The sweetest is the triumps, you will figure this all out.

    Anytime you need instruction on processing chickens I am your gal!!

    I have something for you at my blog!