Thursday, March 25, 2010

graduation day

The broilers got moved to their outdoor shelter on Monday! I think everyone is a lot happier now. They outgrew the brooder much more quickly than we anticipated, and it was becoming quite cramped and dirty in there. But now they have nice fresh grass, which they seem to enjoy.

They're still pretty small, but check out the size of the breasts on these guys!

I love them when they're this size. They're just starting to learn how to use their wings. Lots of uncontrolled flapping = comedy.


  1. I'm so eager to try out broilers at some point, but I don't think we have the space to keep them separate from the other chickens (I've heard they're hogs for the chicken feed). Yours have such a look of determination on their little faces! Adolescent chickens are the best entertainment money can buy.

  2. Can't wait to hatch our eggs and get to the point of "adolescent chickens". I think chickens taking a dust bath is a riot...can't imagine the unccordinated wing flapping! I am certain that anything a chicken can do is far more interesting than what might be on TV at any given moment. :) Enjoying your blog...