Friday, July 9, 2010

they came back!

Last June, I posted about a brief but fascinating visit by a pair of Black Bellied Whistling Ducks. They decided to stop at our place for just a short time one morning - a rest stop, I suppose, on their journey to...wherever they go. I thought it somewhat funny that they chose to fraternize with our domestic ducks that day. This year, on the morning of July 4th, they were here again! Again, it was a pair (the same ones?) and again, they hung out with our barnyard ducks in the yard for just a little while before moving on. I came inside for the camera, but by the time I made it back out to the yard, they had left. It was a year and one month since we had last seen them.

Are these two regular travelers through these parts, and have they decided that this is a nice place to stop? Is it even the same two? Or perhaps they live around here, and are simply making the rounds. I will be watching for them next summer.


  1. That is really neat. I have never seen those type of ducks before (I clicked on your link)! They almost don't even look real! How nice would it be for them to visit each year!?

  2. We had the same two ducks come back every year also! It was so neat. It's like our pool (at the old house) was a hotel for them. Very neat!

  3. Neat! I have also never seen those types of ducks before. You must have the "perfect" place for them to keep returning. Be ready with the camera!!