Saturday, August 7, 2010

just in the nick of time

It's August, and here in Texas that means no more garden. It's DONE. Pretty much everything has run its course and we're left with nothing but a few peppers hanging on. When you're trying to eat entirely from your garden, this certainly poses a challenge.

Just as we were wondering what we would do for veggies, I decided it was about time to check on the sweet potatoes. I dug my hands into the dirt and kept my expectations low. They had been extremely easy to grow up to this point, but I thought it was perhaps a bit early for them to be ready. What a relief it was to pull these beauties out of the ground!

We'll let them go a bit longer to let them get a little bigger, but I must say I'm pleased with this result. They were far easier to grow than white potatoes, and we're going to experiment with leaving one or two plants in the bed to see if they overwinter; we'll cut the tops back and mulch them heavily and see if they come back in the spring. It's comforting to know that we have something fresh from the garden to eat in the heat of August.


  1. Nice!!

    I've given up on our backyard garden for the year . . . we got two disfigured cucumbers, a couple jalapenos, and the neighborhood cats using our raised beds as litter boxes. :(

  2. Oh, yuck! Can you put a fence around it?

  3. Nice sweet potatoes! Congrats!! Its so nice to be pulling goodies out still, isn't it?