Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Apparently I've been tagged by Skunky Acre Farms. Here are three random things about me:

1. I had a lazy eye until I was 30 and had it surgically corrected. The surgery has helped me to see better, which is awesome, but I actually sort of miss it a little bit. It helped people to remember me. Now I look just like everyone else. If I had it to do over again, though, I'd still do it.

2. I despise watermelon. Wait, let me say that again...I despise watermelon. Everything about it grosses me out - the flavor, the texture, the smell, everything.

3. I hang my towel over the shower rod when I shower, so it's right there when I need it. My husband seems to think I'm the only person on the entire planet that does this. Someone please back me up here.

At this point I'm supposed to tag someone else, but I've decided that tagging will be on the honor system. If you read this and have your own blog, feel free to tag yourself. If you don't, I'll never know. :-)

New in the garden - we tore up another patch of the backyard this past weekend. We now have another 6 by 10 area, which isn't much, but it was all we could spare. It gets good sun all day, so hopefully the tomatoes and peppers we put in there will do well. I have lots of seeds started in pots for various things, basil seedlings are coming up, carrots, chard and spinach are coming along, and we'll be putting more beans in the first garden, I think. Rabbits all weighed in at near or over six pounds, which was exciting. They're almost ready to start making babies. We've been feeding them a lot more fresh greens now that they're available, and they love it. We do to, since it's that much less pellet feed we have to buy.

Still no further developments on the farm. We have been given an asking price, which we pretty much knew already, but no contract. I thought one was in the works, but apparently it wasn't. We'll be arranging a meeting with the sellers later in the month. I'm out of town next week, so it will have to wait until I get back. Hopefully some real progress will be made then. I'd love to be in possession of the property by July 4th - it's a great place for a barbecue!


  1. Thanks for playing along !

  2. I put my towel over the top of the shower door so I can grab it and dry off in the warm instead of get cold in the bathroom air.

  3. My boyfriend puts the towels over the shower bar, too -- there's no towel bar near the shower and it's silly to get the whole bathroom wet reaching for a towel.

    I only have one towel bar, so during a shower, one goes over the towel bar and one on the shower bar (the bad cat sits on the toilet and watches - so we don't put towels on the toilet seat cover).