Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Surprise Squatter

This little guy has decided to make a home in my garden. He's dug himself a nice hole right at the base of one of my bean plants and just hangs out. I've walked all around him and he doesn't care that I'm there at all. That, or he's counting on me not seeing him, what with his camouflage and all.

My daily step toward food independence today involved managing reserves. I took stock of all my fresh produce, and we used the oldest veggies in our dinner. I washed the rest and made a giant bowl of salad that will keep us in lunches all week, with nothing going to waste. I also had a look at our supply of pecans (which I harvested in the fall) and resolved to get shelling again! I think that will be tomorrow night's task. Unfortunately, nothing is ready to harvest quite yet, and until I can clean some buckets and pots, I have no more room to plant. Some of that is on order for this weekend, though, and I'm hoping that by then we'll have mulberries ready to pick too.


  1. Cool! I thought it was a horny toad at first. Apparently that is a common mistake. If I identified it right, it is a Texas Spiny Lizard. Hopefully it won't eat bugs that are good for the garden. ;)

  2. You're correct - it is a Texas Spiny Lizard! That's my hope, too - that he'll mostly eat the baddies.