Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day - A Holiday For the Rest of Us

Yes, folks, it's a two-post day.

A wonderful post by Crunchy Chicken has got me thinking about Earth Day. We never attend any Earth Day events because, well, we respect the earth every day. I've decided, though, that I'd like to embrace it.

Over the past few years, we've been gradually opting out of some of the traditional holidays that just don't have much meaning for us. While this makes perfect sense to me, I admit it has left me feeling somewhat bereft. While I don't relish celebrating a holiday that means nothing to me, I also feel that a life with no traditions is not a very full or rich existence. What would you have to look forward to, if not your Thanksgiving turkey or your Christmas presents or your Whatever Day thingamajig? It occurs to me that since we value the basic tenets of Earth Day (if not always their implementation), this is an appropriate holiday for us to celebrate and form our own traditions around. Since we have no historical precedent to guide us, our Earth Day traditions can be pretty much whatever we like, as long as they're in keeping with the spirit of the day.

Some ideas I've had for new Earth Day traditions:
  • plant something - a tree, a vegetable, a flower...anything
  • don't buy anything
  • find something in the house that you no longer use, and give it new a purpose (this could be quite an interesting challenge!)
  • eat a 100% locally produced meal, or even better, a meal from food you produced yourself
  • turn off your TV and shut down your computer for the day - spend the time with family and friends instead
  • anonymously distribute seeds with growing instructions around your neighborhood or workplace
  • donate items you no longer need to those who do need them
  • refrain from driving - walk, bike, take public transportation or simply stay home
  • have a "no waste" party - try having an Earth Day party without creating any trash (another challenge!)
  • Educate others on sustainable living

What will you do on Earth Day?


  1. So far I've...

    Put up flyers about being green in the office.

    Put up a sign in the lady's restroom suggesting less water and paper towel use.

    Used the stairs to save energy by not running the elevator.

    Started a recycling program in the office.

    I think my skin is turning green. :D

  2. So I can't turn my carburettors up really rich and drive around all day?

  3. Oh, all right. But just YOU.