Monday, June 2, 2008

Food Independence Update

Well, once again there was nothing planted or harvested this week. Our tomato plants are covered, though. I just have to wait for them. Everything is just sort of plugging along.

I did do some preservation and management by freezing a bunch of beans from the CSA. I also worked on vacuum sealing my dry goods into smaller, usable portions. I have a lot of that still to do, and I need to pack it all into bins and buckets, but I can only manage to get done a little bit at a time. I also baked a blackberry pie (which was new for me). The two or so cups of berries I have left will get eaten with yogurt, or baked into a bannock. I have about 2 cups of blueberries to use up as well, so I think I'll make muffins and freeze them for on-the-run breakfasts.

Our new skill learned this week was, er, rabbit breeding. I use the term "learned" very loosely here - we don't actually have to do anything except, uh, make the ladies available. The only trouble is, we're not exactly sure if it "worked" or not, as it didn't go exactly like we were expecting. I suppose we'll find out soon enough!

No real preps this week other than a bit more reading and learning. There was no volunteer day at the CSA this weekend (those have been suspended for the time being), so my local food networking came in the form of a trip to the farmers market in my neighborhood. I am also talking to a lady I just met about getting together to make bread, and I've put her in touch with my mother to possibly supply bread for mom's restaurant.

Mostly we've just been doing our normal, everyday things. I feel like I've been extremely busy lately and all I'm trying to do is just keep up. Every weekend feels like a marathon, rather than a rest. I don't exactly mind it, but I could use a break! It looks like we may finally be on the verge of closing the farm deal, though, so I don't expect there will be any rest for me for the forseeable future.


  1. A real live farm? Ohh that sounds exciting! Sounds as if you're busy, busy. Mid summer is a nice time for a little break - don't want to get burned out.

  2. It's twelve acres with a house, two barns, a pond, trees & pasture. The plan is to grow veggies/fruits/grains, run some smallish livestock and hopefully keep bees. I just hope we can handle it!

  3. 12 acres! Sounds like heaven. We had pet rabbits when I was a kid - 2 females who were, um, friendly. They were definitely females, though. No sprawling litters for us. (Although I remember being kind of confused.)