Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Don't Have a Problem...

I have prob-lems. Plural.

Two, to be exact. There are two stray dogs that have taken up residence on our land. We don't know much about them, except that one is male and shy (he won't let you touch him) and the other is female and quite an attention hog. They've been living there for quite awhile, and have had at least one litter of puppies (that we know of). None of the puppies have survived. They are quite friendly, but still very wild. The chance that they will become totally domesticated, household dogs is slim to none. The chance that they will get along harmoniously with our dogs is also slim to none. The chance that they will not try to kill any livestock we keep is virtually nill. These dogs have to go.

Here is where things get sticky. We live near a small town, but outside the city limits. The animal control person there has already told me that she can't help. The county sheriff's office has told me that they don't have a dogcatcher and won't come out unless we have a problem with a dangerous animal. This leaves us on our own to remove them from the property. We'll have to lure them into the truck with meat or something and enclose them in some sort of crate so they don't jump out. I don't expect this to go easily because I'm sure they'll be suspicious and wary. Plus, we don't know what we'll do with them after that. The nearest Humane Society shelter is nearly an hour away. We could try driving them a few miles away and just letting them out somewhere, but who knows what will happen to them. They might even find their way back. We sort of like them and would keep them if we thought they'd get along with our dogs, but that's not going to happen.

If anyone has a solution that doesn't involve shooting them, I'd love to hear it.


  1. You could try fencing in a area and let them be your outside dogs. The sticky part would be that you would need to have them fixed so there are not more problems. I know they sell fairly large live traps ( which are a good investment). You could trap them in those and haul them to the Humane Society.

    Isn't living in the country FUN !


  2. All of my solutions involve a bullet. I am afraid I will be no help.

    I have fond memories of my mother dispatching the local strays on many occasions just like this. But then again, I am evil so it doesn't count.

  3. I'm more of the livetrap them and tame them sort of person. Of course I have 4 large indoor dogs and 3 cats - all of whom came from one (purebred) rescue group or another. Usually the dog catcher will loan such a trap.

    The male could be tamed - he'd need to be caught first. Spay the female! Vaccines, wormer...

    So, rehabilitate them and find homes? Build a kennel for them and let them out seperately from your dogs?

  4. Yeah, no bullets for these two. They're nice, and not a "menace" per se. If they had just wandered in and started making trouble it might be different, but they've been living there (and been fed regularly by the previous tenant) for a long time. It's home to them. They're not exactly "strays". I guess we'll see how this plays out.

  5. Spay an neuter! Wormers and shots. Maybe some food?

  6. Like I said, I am evil. No room for a dog around my place that may eat my livestock. It's happened too many times before from a seemingly innocent beast.