Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I'll be going offline for Independence Day. We'll be spending the weekend at the farm smoking some grass fed cow, drinking copious amounts of beer and blowing up as many fireworks as I can spare the expense for. I thought I'd sign off for the weekend by paying respect to some freedoms that I'm thankful to have.

  • The freedom to have my own money, property and legal identity, and the freedom to more or less do what I want with same.
  • The freedom to participate in the political process. I'm that guy that LIKES being called for jury duty.
  • The freedom to set off fireworks in my backyard. WOOT!
  • The freedom to stand up and speak my mind to anyone, anytime.
  • The freedom to choose whether or not to work, get married, have children or practice faith. One size does not fit all.
  • The freedom to love my country without propaganda. An American flag static cling on my car does not make me patriotic. The lack of one does not make me a hater.
  • The freedom to choose my friends, regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, color, gender, sexual preference or religious affiliation. All the people you see around you every day? They're pretty much just like you.
That's really only a drop in the bucket, but you get the idea. What makes you feel free?

Peace, love & freedom fries everyone. Have a fabulous 4th! We will resurface next week...



  1. woo hoo have a good time smoking grass and feeding the cow ;-)

  2. I'll bet grass fed cow is hard to roll!

  3. Maybe it's the grass fed cow talking, but I can totally relate to the static cling thing. There was a time immediately after 9/11 when I thought I might get my windows broken out for not having one of those damn things.