Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving Day! Errr...Night!

Since it's topping out around 102 degrees this weekend, we've decided to bump up tomorrow's move to tonight. We'll be doing an evening load-up, driving down tonight and unloading bright and early in the morning while it's still vaguely tolerable. Keep in mind, though, this won't make it much more comfortable. It was still 95 degrees at 9:00 o'clock last night, so really this will only serve to keep us all from expiring! Isn't this always how it goes?

You say "I'm moving!".

The "powers that be" say "Fine! Move in THIS!"


  1. Maybe you should move out here. It was a whole 80 today.

  2. And don't forget sunny ! Now back to work we go....

  3. It does either seem to be 9000 degrees or it rains or there's high winds. Moving just can't seem to be peaceful. Hope the move went well!

  4. How funny, our moves were in record breaking heat. When we moved from southern UT to TN, we had to leave in the night to cross the desert and stay the night before the Rockies.

    When we moved back we arrived in 107 heat and the movers got heat exaustion.

    So, best to you on your moving...keep your eye on the prize and have a glass of (hard) lemonaid.