Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey, Beetender!

Well, it's day two in Beeville, and they were ready for a feeding. We only have one bee suit, so I can't (or rather won't) get any closer since I don't have any protective gear. It's a bummer, though - I really want to go look at them. I'll probably put the suit on and go out by myself later. But for now, Hubby donned the gear and went out to give them their first food. Here he is suiting up:

And feeding bees:

It was pretty fast and easy - they just get a jar of sugar water set in there for them. I think suiting up actually took longer than the feeding! He said they were all bunched up around the hole in the tree, so hopefully that means that they're making their way upward into the hive, which is what is supposed to happen. Hopefully I'll be able to get out there in the suit and take some actual bee photos soon!

Amusing side note: When you have a wasp/hornet problem to deal with, wearing a bee suit does wonders for your confidence level! ;-)


  1. I bet that suit has many uses ;)

  2. Check out my Sis's blog "Methlow Valley Herbs" (linked on my blog) for some nifty posts on rendering beeswax.

  3. Oh my gosh, bees! From zero to... bees! You certainly waste no time! I have to hear more about your proposed guard-llama, too. Good gravy.