Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Now Accepting Deposits

Here at Screaming Frog Ranch (did I mention we have screaming frogs?), things sometimes move at a breakneck pace. Other times they move about like molasses in January. We put off projects for weeks and weeks, and at the same time have things thrust upon us rapidly that we hadn't planned to even discuss until, oh, next year, maybe.

The animals are coming.

We already have three dogs, one cat, three rabbits and thirteen chickens. All of a sudden, indeed this very week, I've been approached by two friends (separately) that are interested in keeping a cow share with us on our property. One of those friends is also busily conspiring to get sheep and goats here as well. If you keep that sort of livestock, you also would do well to keep a guard animal, so ideas have been floated about llamas, donkeys and (gasp!) another dog. And since we don't just talk the talk around this place, we will soon be the proud recipients of a swarm of bees.

Did I say "soon"? I meant tomorrow.

That's right. I'm going to go to work in the morning, and when I come home tomorrow evening, there will be bees at my house. They'll be nice and angry too, after being uprooted (quite literally) from their happy home and taken for an hour long truck ride. I found this out today.

This is great, really. Bees were part of our long-term plan. We had pushed that off for later because the up front investment in equipment and protective gear is not insignificant. As it happens, our friends who already keep bees and have extra gear are now finding themselves oversupplied, and are happily passing some our way. Stay tuned for upcoming posts re: my life in Beeville. Boy howdy, will there be pictures. Oh, AND - it looks like we may also be getting a sheep-shearing lesson in a few weeks!

It's all very exciting, but it's happening so fast. On the other hand, we've only had the hens for six weeks or so, and it feels old hat already, so maybe we're ready. Maybe.


  1. Don't be afraid to say "No" if you aren't ready for things Tara. It's your life and your land. You're going to be there along time and if you take on too much at once you won't enjoy it.

    However, bees are exciting!

  2. J: "Bees are coming to live with us."
    T: "Yeah? Cool!"
    J: "Tomorrow."
    T: "What?!?"

  3. Oh I would say no if it really were too much too soon. Mostly it's exciting, but there is that little bit of apprehension. Things are moving faster than I would do them on my own, but sometimes that's good for me. :)

  4. Take a deep breath. Relax. It will all work out for the best. Watch the video -


  5. HA! BRILLIANT! Thanks Meadowlark. :)

  6. I have thought about bees before. We have a ton of them anyway because of the orchard.

  7. Ohh how fun! Sheep are my favorite - I can hand sheer and give vaccines and I'm looking for a cow share myself! Darn I live really far away.

    Bees are in my long range plan as well but having them materialize would be...exciting!

  8. Sheep, I'm good with. Bees not so good. But I love honey, so ... "somebody has to do it!"

    Yay you, try not to get ... heh .. overextended ...

  9. There are those who may question our experience. They say we are not ready to run this farm. I assure you that we are ready, and will turn this farm around! This farm shall once again be a proud example to other developing farms, and the kind of place that the farming fathers intended it to be!

  10. World's best rural alarm system: One gander and two geese.

    Seriously. If there's something in the yard that shouldn't be there, they'll let the whole neighborhood know.