Friday, December 19, 2008

Doing What Ducks Do

Last night we came home from my husband's company Christmas dinner to find only two ducks in the house instead of four. It was well past dark and by that time they're either inside the house or camped out by the door. The four of them have always moved together as one unit, so it was quite surprising to see that two had gone AWOL. We were a bit worried, but there was no sign of any kind of a disturbance. After about ten minutes of walking around with a flashlight and spying all sorts of nocturnal creatures that were NOT ducks, it finally occurred to us to...check the pond!

Well, lo and behold, there they were, resting peacefully at the water's edge. They spent the night down there, and this morning they've been swimming and eating tasty pond morsels like happy ducks. I expect that's where they'll stay. Now I wonder when the other two will find their way to the water and why they parted company in the first place.

*UPDATE*: The other pair of ducks seems to be quite nervous today, and they have taken up residence inside the chicken coop. They've been just sitting in there all day, which is unusual.

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  1. I guess you know who the " rule breakers" are and who the " rule followers" are in that group. My guess is the " rule followers" are nervous and waiting for someone to get in trouble.