Friday, December 5, 2008

It Might Be Full of Baby Draculas...

Or it might just be a freakishly large egg. Full of unformed chicken, just like it's diminutive brethren.

I'm not sure which of the Phyllises was responsible for this, but I'd wager that she squawked extra loudly that day. I was certain it would be at least triplets, but no, it was just a deuce. Still, they were enormous.

My husband suffered permanent trauma from this, I think.


  1. That happens sometimes. It's amazing how stretchy a chicken butt appears to be. Sort of like the "ant lifting a car" metaphor.

  2. Ian likes to take those to preschool and WOW his costudents with them.

  3. Say! That's like the almost 2 lb potato I bought yesterday!

    I should take a picture of it too.

    So I'm a bit confused though. Are you saying that it is just a really big egg or that there were 2 formed birds in there as well? As opposed to just 2 big fat yolks and 2 blood spots.

  4. No formed birds - just yolks. Like a regular egg, only supersized.

  5. ouch!!!! My thought is a dinosaur of some kind!!!