Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting My Goat

My husband and I met our goats yesterday - the ones that will be ours. It was really exciting, and they're unbelievably cute, and of course I didn't take along a camera. What is wrong with me?

It looks like we'll be getting three Nubian goats. One is a mature doe in milk that we were already acquainted with. One will be a wether, and is one of the mature doe's new kids. The third will be a doeling, and is from another bloodline, but the mother is also known to us.

We feel like this will give us a well-rounded starter combination. We'll have one that's experienced at kidding and milking, one female that we can learn with as she grows, and a boy to keep them company and help us with brush clearing (and who knows, maybe I'll teach him to pull a cart). We spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday assessing our barn and fencing, and we have a lot of work to do to get it up to goat standards, but we think we can manage it. I'll tell you, I am a complete list nerd, and right now, I NEED A LIST!

We'll likely be seeing them again soon, so next time I'll remember the camera. For the next few weeks, though, it will be work, work, work for us.

And then it will be milk, milk, milk!


  1. If you don't already follow peggy's blog I would read the last year's worth

  2. Sweethearts Mom - thanks! I didn't know about that one but will definitely check it out!