Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Full Service Farm Store

When you live in the country and have livestock, your needs are, well, different from the needs of urban dwellers. Now, I love living in the country - I mean really love it - but sometimes it can be hard to find the things we need out here...out here. I've found since living here that the feed store I frequented in suburbia was far better stocked that the rural one closest to me. It's not uncommon to find that if I need a certain this-or-that for garden or animal, I must go to the nearest larger city to find it. I do not get this. I've been making due with my local feed store and the Tractor Supply about 15 minutes away, with only moderate satisfaction. Yesterday, however, all my prayers were answered (at least they would have been, if I were the praying type).

I discovered Mann Farm and Ranch.

It's about the same distance as the Tractor Supply, but down a road I'd have never gone down. It also KICKS TSC's BUTT. I had discovered Mecca. They have virtually everything I could possibly need. All the types of feed I like, all the whole grain I'd ever want, every supplement, every piece of gear, every garden tidbit, fencing, feed buckets, chainsaws, tractor parts, everything. Plus boots.

AND, they might have the world's most charming staff. After ringing up a sizable order at the feed counter, I asked the gentleman if they had any livestock panels. I hadn't really looked outside, so hadn't noticed whether they stocked fencing or not. He ALMOST said "yes". Instead, the conversation went like this:

"Do you by chance carry cattle panels?"

(VERY brief pause)

(BIG smile)

"We're a full service farm store, ma'am."

I was giddy. I really didn't think this place could get any better. It is my new favorite place. I'm going to have to restrain myself from making unnecessary visits. Mostly, though, it's just comforting to know that I can travel just a few miles and get everything I need without having to mail order.

We're a full service farm store, ma'am.


  1. Indeed they are! The photos of their store are amazing. I wanna go too. :p They also have events!

    April 4 - "Farm Days"
    April 7 - ADM Wildlife Managemant Conference
    March 7-8 - Xtreme Predator Contest