Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our "To Do" List

1. Clean house in preparation to receive guests. Worry that dogs will harass guests.

2. Praise dogs for good behavior. Apologize to guests for swarm of bees surrounding the front door.

3. Dispatch deranged raccoon.

4. Dispose of raccoon.

5. Break up poultry fights. Get pecked and hissed at.

6. Remove hostile chicken to private quarters where she can do no further harm.

7. Attempt to "herd" ducks into barn and attached yard. Fail miserably.

8. Curse ducks and their uncooperative ways.

9. Patrol yard at 1:00 am to find source of late night dog barking.

10. Curse dogs for barking their heads off at big, scary, threatening...bunnies.

11. Move straw bales out of barn to make room to work.

12. Move straw bales back into barn due to threat of rain.

13. Move straw bales around barn because they're still in the way of something.

14. Curse straw bales.

15. Work fingers raw yet again putting finishing touches on goat barn.

16. Sit down to a couple of huge margaritas, and congratulate ourselves on a job well done.


  1. Ah! I'll have to update my blog roll. I've been a blogger slacker lately.

    I love this new lay out - I just don't know how to make blogger behave to get pictures in the header and now on the sides.

    Love to hear how the farm has taken off. It seems like you all were just settling in and then I look and you guys are really going for it. I'm starting to get envious.

    What kind of bunnies do you have?

  2. The bunnies are New Zealand Whites. Big ones, but not as big as yours!

  3. I like your new blog! Very, um, agrarian...I haven't been around in a while either, so thank for commenting on my blog. You married a musician too?