Saturday, May 23, 2009

Really? Again?

I opened the back door of the chicken house last night to find ANOTHER snake. This one was in the house where the big girls live, and was dining on some tasty duck eggs. My husband tried to pull it out with a hoe, but it went up the wall and on top of one of the nest boxes, where we can't reach. I saw him reach into the access door on the outside of the nest box and come out with a tail. Since there was no other alternative, he just started pulling until the whole thing was out!

It's no wonder the girls looked like this all day:

(These two are hunkered together in the same nest box.)

This snake got lucky and got away with his life, so I suppose we may be seeing him again. We've come to realize that it's just going to be like this, at least during the spring and summer. Thankfully, snakes and raccoons are the worst we've had to deal with. So far.

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