Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fiddle Practice

Well, folks, it's been a couple of weeks since fiddle practice began (including a nearly week-long interruption). I'm proud to say that I can now play...the D scale! Badly! No matter, though. I'm moving on. My goal is to try to play an actual song by the end of the weekend. Mind you, it will be a simple song, and I won't play it well, but playing a song poorly has to be more interesting than playing scales poorly. Time to forge ahead!

In truth, it is quite enjoyable. It's refreshing to be working on something I've never done before, and even the tiniest bits of improvement feel like huge triumphs. On another note, in between fiddle sessions, I've also been practicing shooting at cans with my air rifle. I seem to be better at that. :)

(I was the girl-version of this kid - minus the BB gun.)

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