Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's Growing Now

In the garden these days, the radishes have wished us farewell. The lettuce, too, can be seen waving from the rear view mirror. This isn't the last of it, but close. These beans, however - Kentucky Wonder, Golden Wax and Rattlesnake - are newly arrived and look like they intend to stay awhile.

The Swiss chard has gotten comfortable enough to start rummaging through the cupboards.

Up and coming are lima beans and New Zealand Spinach, a hardy, hot weather green. Just in time, too, since we'll be enjoying temperatures in the mid-nineties all this week and probably beyond.

On the fur and feather side of things, 'tis the season for duck eggs, and they are glorious. Big, creamy duck eggs. Beautiful boiled, sublime in egg salad. We're enjoying the easy food now. Pretty soon - in just a few weeks - it will be chicken season, and we'll have to actually work for our supper.

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