Friday, December 4, 2009

for all the climate change naysayers...

We were supposed to get snow today. That is pretty unusual in itself. We seldom get snow at all around here, and when we do, it typically doesn't arrive until January, or even February. I was all psyched for a nice, snowy Friday at home working by the wood stove, only to get up this morning and find that all calls for snow had been rescinded. I was so sad. Why would the powers that be cheat me in this way? All that snow that was supposed to ours surely didn't just vanish. Surely it turned tail and went elsewhere. Someplace more deserving of its charms. Someplace like Nebraska or Colorado or...


That's right. It is apparently snowing in Houston. So put that in your climate pipe and smoke it.


  1. Oh no! It's global warming (lol). I was looking forward to a little more this morning too, the little bit we had on Wednesday didn't even begin to wet my appitite for it.

  2. Living in Georgia, we too rarely get snow so the fact that they have announced a winter weather advisory is very exciting. Of course, all the models say that it will be north of us but a girl can always dream.

    Happy Holidays,


  3. its up here in Canada you can have some if you want it sweetie.. lol

  4. Our snow ended up in Buffalo and not as much as they had predicted. We have some now and i am good with that. We live near a ski resort that is crying right now, but it has been under 30 degrees, so they are making it now. I'd pass on the 300 inches we got last year, but I'm good with cold and some!