Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Help Us Name the Farm

It's time for our little slice of heaven to have a name. We've been loosely calling it all sorts of things, but so far none have really stuck. We'd love some suggestions, if you care to offer any.

We have twelve acres - a mix of trees and pasture. There is a pond, a little white house and two barns. Other than the pond, there are no really prominent landscape features. We plan to grow vegetables and keep a wide variety of livestock, without a strong focus on any one thing (at least for now). Our indigenous residents include frogs, coyotes, rabbits, skunks, armadillos and lots of birds of various types. We are surrounded by cattle and are regularly serenaded by them. We brought with us dogs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and worms (so far).

"Screaming Frog Ranch" was popular among some folks, I know, (and our frogs do scream) but I'm trying to avoid it because I think it has a bit of an "animal cruelty" connotation. We've floated a few ideas already and the only one we like at all is "On the Job Farm" - because we both still work day jobs, and because we're literally getting on the job training with this place. We're not necessarily married to that one, though. We want something memorable, not too goofy (but a little goofy is okay) and not too, I don't know, "peaceful and serene" sounding, if that makes sense.

So let me know what you think - thanks!

UPDATE: As of this morning, we're also liking "Dogfeathers Farm"