Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Arrivals

The ducks are here! They arrived yesterday and are settling into their new home nicely. We'll keep them confined to the house for several weeks, and after that they'll be allowed to roam freely during the day and swim in the pond. For now, I need them to get acclimated and oriented and learn that this is their home. I'll be anxious to let them play in the pond, though - they do foul their water in a hurry! They're really quite shy so far - they all run to the back of the house every time I approach. They do seem quite sweet, though, and I think they'll be a great addition to the "family". I mean, look at this face:

These are Muscovy ducks, and are the only domestic ducks not descended from Mallards. They are often treated more like geese due to their large size. Adults can top out at anywhere from 17-24 pounds. They don't quack, but will make soft hissing sounds when frightened or upset. These four need a bit of rehab. They have mites something awful and are looking a bit rough from excessive pecking. Their previous home, while not overly crowded, was populated by so many ducks that some aggression was inevitable. Now that they're here, I think they'll be on the mend soon enough and looking lovely again in no time.


  1. Oh, how cool are they. I'm glad they could come to be on your place. They'll dig the pond.

  2. How ducky What are there names ?

  3. Ok, so I really screwed up that post.....

    How about

    How ducky. What are their names?

  4. They don't have names at the moment. I was considering Maude for the girls, but now that they're actually here I'm feeling like that doesn't really fit them. No thoughts on names for the drakes yet.