Thursday, July 9, 2009

signs of improvement

Well, things in the poultry yard seem to be looking up. It seems that enough pullets from the first batch have survived the predators to replace most of the adults I've lost. I have quite a few boys that are already at fryer weight, plus a whole new batch of pullets arriving in about a week and a half (those girls will be enjoying maximum security accommodations). Add to that the two dozen or so little cockerels we're raising for meat (six weeks old now) and we'll be awash in fryers and eggs before we know it!

One of our male Muscovy ducks, at the tender age of three months has just taken the reigns as pater familias, and has started to...errr...prove his virility. Which means that we should soon be back in the duck business as well.

The next step for me is to turn my little enterprise into something cohesive, rather than a haphazard mess of birds running around the property like so much buckshot. Which is what we have now.

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