Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm sitting here tonight having a bit of a panic attack. See, I just flipped the calendar page over to August, and there it was.

THE GARDEN {cue doomsday music}

My fall garden season begins tomorrow and I was completely unprepared yet again. My moderately busy weekend has just turned into a marathon. I won't be planting everything, of course, but my beds still aren't cleared out from the spring plantings, and they're surrounded by weeds taller than me. I also have a bunch of livestock maintenance to do this weekend, AND it's supposed to rain tomorrow, AND it's supposed to be in the upper 90's all weekend. Wow, this will be awesome.

We're still keeping our overall number of plantings small, which makes them easier to manage. This fall we'll be growing tomatoes, broccoli, assorted types of beets, swiss chard, collards and kale. We may try for potatoes again, but that's still a bit up in the air. We had also planned to grow sweet peppers, but the seed I planted was no good, and none germinated (the same type failed to germinate last time I tried, so I'll be tossing that packet out). This weekend, I need to clear the weeds from around the beds, clear the beds out and prep them for planting, start my broccoli seed, transplant my tomatoes and plant my first sowing of swiss chard. From here on out, I'll be planting something virtually every week into October. The exciting part is, we tend to have even better gardening weather in the fall than we do in the spring, and I'm very anxious to serve homegrown vegetables from our garden with our Thanksgiving dinner!

I'll check back in on Monday, and will no doubt be one bedraggled camper.


Well, I got my livestock chores mostly done this morning, and fetched all the feed and garden supplies I needed from town, and was feeling all proud for getting a whole lot done by noon. Just as I was assembling my supplies to transplant my tomatoes, it started raining. It is now POURING. It's been pouring for about an hour and a half. No more gardening for me today. Tomorrow should be extra fun, too - everything will be all sloggy and wet. Harrumph!


  1. I was just thinking today that I should hurry and order some seed I want to try this fall. I'll be planting broccoli, carrots, celery, kale, spinach and potatoes. I think. ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! ;)

    Oh great... fall gardening. I haven't even got a handle on my spring garden. Our climates are very different so I guess I have more time than you, or at least that's what I'm telling myself for now. Have fun!

  3. Yeah, Jena, because of my climate here, I have to start my fall garden basically on August 1st, and my spring garden starts in early to mid February! Ack!