Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, I'm exhausted. With the help of my wonderful hubby, I got just about everything accomplished that I needed to over the weekend, and it was a lot (still didn't get hooves trimmed, though...darn).

I got one small group of chicks moved out of the barn brooder and into the little tractor, and all the little rooster boys moved permanently into the CluckerDome (which is now staked down).

The chicken tractors got moved onto fresh grass and a new nest box built for the up-and-coming girls. There was a big trip to the feed store for feed, bulk grain, compost, garden soil and all sorts of things. All of this fall's tomato starts were transplanted into their permanent pots (fingers crossed). Broccoli seed was started in the seed flat. Garden bed #2 was cleaned out, filled and prepped for planting.


And after:

Okay, so those are actually two different beds, but this one really did look like the first one before we started!

I'm sure there was more, but I'm so sore and heat-addled that I just can't call it to mind. As tired as I am, though, I feel great about it. We got tons of work done. I'm really looking forward to getting both these beds filled with seed.


  1. I knew you guys would find a good use for that weird frame thing! Hahaha :D