Wednesday, August 26, 2009

relationships, puberty and other assorted flotsam

My little boy is becoming a man. Our little buckling Surrey is transitioning into buckhood, and if he were a human boy, he would presently be in what we all know as "that awkward stage". He has become stinky. He has discovered the appeal of girls. He's learning new things about his body. Also, he has begun making new noises...the adorable, high-pitched "Meh!" of his youth is giving way to a low, (sort of) manly "BUH!" I sort of feel sorry for the little guy. He's like the first kid in school to go through puberty. Perhaps I should schedule a viewing of "Am I Normal?" for him.

Since he has begun working tirelessly to win the affections of the girls, the girls have taken refuge in the company of...anyone else. Blossom, the new girl, sticks to us like glue, and Patience, our herd queen, seems to have developed a bit of a crush on the dog. To be fair, he likes her too, and I sometimes catch glimpses of clandestine nibbling and nuzzling between them. Walter and Perry, the wethers, just want to be a part of whatever "it" is, and seem content to take their chances with anyone who happens by. We won't tell them that it's hopeless and that they're only going through the motions.

In the realm of the bipeds, we're holding down the fort. We work on projects in fits and starts - as much as we're able to in the heat. We're also making plans so that we may make the most of the cooler weather to come. We'll soon be building the chicken coop and goat pastures in earnest, as well as laying in our winter supplies of hay and firewood. I just stocked up on feed for everyone, which in my estimation, should last, oh....two weeks. Sigh. It's a good thing I get a small adrenaline spike every time I pull up in front of the F.S.F.S. (that's Full Service Farm Store, ma'am).

Finally, my husband would like for you all to consider the following: When you put your underpants on in the dark, there is a 50/50 chance that they will be inside-out.

I'll just leave you with that, and tiptoe quietly out.


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  2. Yesterday I put my underware on in the dark and around lunch time I realized they were inside out. ;)

    I'll leave one for you all as well... It takes fat people longer to iron.