Saturday, August 8, 2009

The New Girl

I'm off to pick up this lovely lady today.

We were supposed to start on the new chicken coop today. It's been on our to do list for awhile, and we're reaching a point where we can't put it off any more, but instead I'll be making a five-hour round trip journey to add this fetching girl to our herd. We've long been on the lookout for another doe to add to the family. It's risky business having just one. She may have problems kidding, her kids may die, she may not conceive, she may become ill. All of which can mean no milk for us. Having two feels like having a little extra insurance. It was also important to us to bring some different genes into to pool, and twice as much milk just means extra for cheese, soap and other goodies! She's the same age as our others, born in January of this year. She comes to us from great lines, and from a family who has been raising and showing goats since the fifties. Best laid plans and whatnot.

When you find the right animal, your other plans just have to take a backseat.

She's here! It was a long hard slog today, but our new goat is in the yard, and she's even prettier than her picture. And a sweetheart too. Now we're working on choosing a name for her. We need to pick a formal name for her registry, and also figure out what we'll call her.

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