Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ducklings, Round Two!

My mama duck is laying eggs again! She has decided that a large dog kennel is more to her liking this time and is making her nest in there. I'm excited - this means that we should have a new bevy of fuzzy ducklings just in time for my birthday. :-D

Which will also mean roast duck just in time for Christmas... *ahem*

We do have a pretty serious gender imbalance right now, and we're hoping another hatch will get us to a more comfortable ratio. Right now we have two females and four males - not good! Those girls are getting the runaround, and the boys are starting to fight amongst themselves. We hope to end up with four to six females and two males as our foundation stock, so any females from this new hatch will be kept, and all but about two males will be sold, or will be, uh, dinner. All unpleasantness aside, though, ducklings are ADORABLE!

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