Monday, November 9, 2009

the chicken coop is started!

Finally after many weeks of rain and mud, we were able to start the coop! We got the concrete poured and with the help of my brother and his girlfriend, the floor is in place. Once we were able to get started, this part went rather quickly. We got this far in just a couple of hours, and it was a huge relief to just finally get started - to have something to point to.

I asked the goats if they would mind giving us a hand, but they declined.

I suspect they're annoyed that the chickens (!) will have nicer digs than theirs.

Construction continues this weekend, so stay tuned.


  1. can't wait to see the far it looks great! You'll be looking at completion in no time.

  2. Hi Tara, will you be doing anything to keep (bad) critters from moving in *under* the coop? I'd like to raise the floor of my sheep shed, but I'm afraid of snakes or other varmints living underneath it. Ideas?

  3. We will be blocking off that area, at least in the front, if not all the way around. Not sure yet if we'll cover it with wire or something solid. As you may be able to see from the picture, the chicken yard will butt up against the goat yard, and thus also be under the protection of the dog. He'll keep out pretty much everything except snakes, and I haven't yet found any way to keep them out. If they want in, they'll find a way in.