Friday, November 6, 2009

when the bread don't rise

Apparently I tried to make bread with some dud yeast. Not one to waste things, I decided I'd try to salvage it by rolling it into thin rounds and baking it as pita bread.

Much to my delight, it worked! I had saved the "almost became chicken food" dough and turned it into something useful. Word.

P. S. - I ground the wheat flour for these by hand with my birthday grain mill. Fresh flour on demand!


  1. That's awesome! I'll have to remember that one for next time I get a dud batch of bread. The mister had the opposite problem today . . . he had killer good yeast, but not enough flour. Ended up subbing some oatmeal and breakfast cereal (!) and it turned out great!

  2. HAHA, he had a bit of a panic when it kept rising and rising and rising . . . and I think he may have learned something about measuring your ingredients out first!