Sunday, January 10, 2010

hell froze over

Actually, it's just our pond.

All the same, a frozen pond in Texas is pretty high on the list of things I never thought I'd see. On this particular morning, the thermometer outside read two degrees. TWO. We're plowing through firewood faster than we ever thought possible. We thought (not unreasonably) that we'd probably get through the winter on one cord of wood, maybe a bit more. Now we must acknowledge that it might take three. We had pipes freeze, then burst. Our German Shepherd, who will hang out in the yard in even the worst weather, has decided that being close to the wood stove is probably a pretty good idea. I found an egg in the yard yesterday that was frozen to the ground (I had to just leave it there). These are crazy, crazy times.


  1. Geez! That kind of weather in Texas? I never thought that it was even possible.

  2. I can totally sympathize! Chores have been downright unpleasant recently. Though I must admit, the weather here has been a little less unexpected than yours there. Hope we're all finally at the end of that stretch of winter!
    Stay warm!!

  3. kind of funny..we had a local farmer move the biggest part of his dairy operation to TX this fall, because the winters here are too bad...looks like he might have just taken winter with him!!