Monday, January 25, 2010

moving the girls in

The chickens got some new, much more civilized digs today! I think they rather like it in the new house.

There's plenty of roosting space...

Nest boxes for everyone...

They liked it so much that they turned in a record number of eggs today! Thanks, girls!


  1. Have no fear, that beautiful floor will be pooped up in no time.

    We had to keep ours locked in the coop for a week or so so they wouldn't try and roost on the ground where the old coop was located. Hopefully you have better luck.

  2. Nah, we're keeping them locked in for at least a week too. We know they'll try to "go home" if we don't!

  3. Such beautiful digs!! Those are some lucky chicks.

  4. Oh fantastic. That looks so dry and comfy for them!