Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We had massive thunderstorms all over the area yesterday. Driving rain, strong winds, all day. I spent a helpless day at my office fretting over my little plants that I just put in over the weekend. Upon arriving home, I discovered that plants had more or less held up, but my little greenhouse is toast! It had survived some really strong winds and rain before, so I thought it would be okay, but instead it blew over into the garden. I looked out the back door to see a crumpled mass of plastic and metal frame poles sticking up every which way like broken bones. It really looked as if some giant thing had stomped on it. Hubby went out in the rain and picked it up before I could get a picture (bless his heart).

On the upside, the plastic cover blew over top of my new plants in the garden, and I think it actually helped to protect them. Also, the seedlings in trays that were in the greenhouse took quite a tumble, but amazingly some of them are still intact! I'm going to try to save what I can, but I'm not holding my breath.

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