Friday, March 21, 2008

The Importance of Action

I'm learning a valuable lesson about keeping plants and livestock. THEY DO NOT FUNCTION ACCORDING TO YOUR SCHEDULE. They could care less if it's cold, or raining, or if you're late for work. One must be entirely committed to caring for plants and livestock on their terms, even if it means dropping whatever you're doing, trudging out into the mud and cleaning a cage or watering the garden right now.

Our little lame bunny has developed a crusty nose. I first noticed it nearly a week ago and have been watching it closely ever since. She's sharing a cage with her sister so the new doe could be isolated for awhile. I knew that this was a bad idea. I knew better. Now her sister has developed a crusty nose too. Respiratory illness in rabbits (A.K.A. "Snuffles") is highly contagious and often fatal. I knew this as well. Still, they've shared a cage for a week now because I simply couldn't find the time to deal with the problem. I'll be dealing with it today. I only hope it's not too late.

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  1. Unfortunatly it is one thing that you have to learn over and over again. Or may be that is just us.