Saturday, March 29, 2008

Farm Update

Another trip to the farm yesterday! This is all very exciting! I was able to take lots of pictures inside the house, and look around for potential "ease of living" problems. The biggest being the complete and utter lack of closets. The house has exactly one closet, located under the stairs. No other closets and no pantry. The good news is that there are lots of built-in shelves, space for freestanding storage and places we can build small closets in. Also, anything we need to keep but don't need to use every day can be stored in the barns. Other good news: The bathroom is considerably bigger than the one we have now (hooray!) and there are ceiling fans in every room.

There were also some new discoveries that sweetened the deal even more. Jerry walked the perimeter and discovered movable cattle pens at the back of the property that we weren't aware of before - woohoo! Apparently there's also a wood stove somewhere in the barn that we can have, which is great because we wanted to put one in anyway.

Here are some pictures of the inside:

This is the bedroom (the only one)

A good view of the built-ins in the bathroom

Here's part of the kitchen. The upper cabinets are open. The doors are still there if we want them, but I think I like them open. I also think I like the crazy paint colors. It's very happy.

Most of the dining room, as seen from the kitchen. They're not pictured, but there are two large windows to the left.

I didn't get a good picture of the entire living room, so there's not much to see there. Just a big empty room. Lots of windows there, too, though. Here's a shot of the finished portion of the attic. I'd like to finish out the remainder of the attic and use part of it as a giant closet and the other part as a library/office.

I know this is a long post with lots of pictures, but there are a couple more I'd like to include. First of all, this is the "mystery" slab behind the house where I'd like to install a solar garden shower:

And finally, check out our most magnificent score! A 1949 (I believe) Farmall Cub Tractor!


  1. It looks great ! I think you guys can really do a lot with the place. I agree with you and I like the open kitchen shelves. You also might want to think about using an old ( free ) wood stove or buying a new ( expensive ) wood stove. We just put one in so this is a subject that is recently well researched in my house. The new wood stoves are so incredibly effecient it is not even funny. The older ones use more wood. We have to buy our wood so that was a big factor for us.

  2. I would definitely make sure the old Farm-All is in the deal. They have become quite the collector's item lately.

  3. Well sis, I'm getting progressively more jealous of you with each of these posts. Jk. I'm really glad you guys have found this great place and are heading in this direction! Hopefully I'm not TOO far behind you!